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  • 2023 Summer Camp

  • 2023 Summer Teacher Training

  • 2023 Travel & Study in China

  • YCT and HSK Tests 5/13

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  • For Interpreter Services of ASL and Spoken Languages please click HERE.

    Why Chinese and other foreign languages
    "If you speak one language you only have one kingdom, if you speak two languages you double your kingdom, and if you speak many languages, you multiply your kingdom; and then your opportunity of success will also be multiplied." ---Jing Zhang

    Why Bangor Chinese School/CLCCM
    "Our goal is to make Chinese learning fun and simple with high student satisfaction. College and high school credits are available to meet students' needs in both career and education. There are many programs in the school to meet your needs, prepare you to be bilingual/multilingual, and give you the wings to fly higher to reach your goals!" ---Jing Zhang

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    Annual Chinese Conference
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    Teacher Training Program
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    Summer Camp
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    Study in China
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    Year-long Language and Culture Study
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    Interpreting Services
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    International Student Service Center

    "China, in particular is an important nation to understand. It is an ever-emerging economic player, even as its culture - with thousands of years of history - is transforming as a result."
    ---John Baldacci, Former Governor of Maine

    "Learning Chinese is opening up an entire world to me. Two trips to China and I’m hooked! Thank you, Bangor Chinese School"
    ---Mel Mackay, Head of School, John Bapst School

    “From 2011-2012, I selected the Bangor Chinese School as the institute for my Chinese language training to prepare for my 4-year foreign services in China. It is not only the professional place that helped me fully and successfully reach the language learning requirement needed to serve in US Embassy in Beijing, but also a wonderful opportunity for me to understand the Chinese culture from great teachers and unforgettable experiences!”
    ---Michael Riedel, U.S. Diplomat

    "If the 19th century belonged to Britain,and the 20th century to the United States, then the 21st century will surely belong to China.
    My advice: Make sure you and your kids learn Chinese."
    ---Jim Rogers, Worth Magazine


    Build a communication bridge with China, the people, the potential.
    Connect yourself with the future...